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PT Prima Sejati Indonesia ( PSI ) was founded since 2008 to provide sealing solutions to the Mining and Oil & Gas Industries. Since then, PSI has acquired the distributionship rights for more products to offer end to end solutions for our customers. The following is the list of Authorized Distribution Rights:

  • Sole exclusive distributor of SKF CNC manufacture seals in Indonesia
  • MH Pump and Motor (Netherland)
  • Eurolube Maintenance Chemical and Lubricant (URMS-Singapore)

The following is list of services that PSI offers:

  • Manufacture customized seals
  • Manufacture customized bearings and bushings
  • Hydraulic Cylinder and Pump repair and recondition

With our Quality-Oriented team, we are confident that we will be able to satisfy your needs. Please give us for a quote today!

Thank you.

Hydraulic Pump & Motor Recondition

hydraulic4newExceptional technical knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and full in-house machining capabilities such lathe machine, milling machine, drilling machine, SKF CNC seal machine, give you a flexible one-stop shop


General Machines Repair and Recondition

hydraulic2newWe do a general machine repair/recondition as a part of hydraulic system. We have repaired some machines from manufacture industry such as Roll Machine, Bending Machine, Cutting Machine, Gangway Refurbishment, etc


Cylinder Recondition & Manufacture

hydraulic3Cylinder recondition and manufacture is one of our main service at hydraulic system repair. We offers cylinder resealing, part repair, part remanufacture and cylinder modification. We are also capably to make custom cylinder


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